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Greif to leave CBC


Associate Editor

It started out on a second floor warehouse on Gooch, but 15 years later, the nonprofit organization known as the Community Bicycle Center is in a start-of-the arts facility on Granite. It is going stronger than ever, with 3 full-time and one part-time staff members, multiple programs for youth of all ages and an ever-growing client base, according to organization founder and executive director Andy Greif.

Because the organization is in such a strong position, both program-wise and financially, he said he feels sure that the CBC, which has experienced troubling times in the past, will continue going strong long after leaves. According to a statement released Wednesday, that will be at the end of the year.

Greif is just about as surprised as anyone that he’s leaving the CBC.

“I always though I would retire from here and come back as a dedicated volunteer,” he said.

While Greif is getting ready to move along, he leaves an amazing legacy in his place.

Read more about Greif and the CBC in Thursday's paper.

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