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LePage mulls options

Suggests he may - or may not - finish term
Senior Staff Writer

Gov. Paul LePage  in a radio interview this morning apologized to Maine people, Rep. Drew Gattine’s family and to his own family in the wake of an obscenity-laced voicemail he left for Gattine late last week. As well, the governor indicated he may or may not finish the remaining two years on his term.

“All you can do is recognize what you did, ask for forgiveness and explain what  you did, the governor told the George Hale and Ric Tyler show. 

Hale asked LePage if he planned to finish the remaining two years of his term.

“I don’t know, George,” LePage said. “I’m looking at all options. Some things  I  have been asked to do are beyond my ability. I am not saying I will finish it or not finish it.”

One of the hosts referred to an interview during his first term when LePage said he is not a quitter.

“I still believe that way,” said LePage. “It’s not about me. It’s about making sure we can move the state forward. It’s one thing to have one  party behind you; it’s another thing not to have any party behind you. That’s very important.”

LePage said he left the voicemail for Gattine after hearing that the Westbrook Democrat had called him a racist, which Gattine has publicly denied. .

“This is the one time in my entire life I couldn’t breathe, I was so angry,” the governor said. “Deep down in my heart I know I am not a racist.”

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