2016-09-01 / Front Page

Sanford PD warn W-18 may be in city


SANFORD — Police here are putting out the word that there could be a batch of heroin in the city that is laced with the synthetic drug W-18.

“We had reported on this drug a few months back and it is 100,000 times more potent than morphine and one microgram – the size of a grain of salt – can cause an instant overdose,” the Sanford Police Department advised on its Facebook page Wednesday night.

“Please be aware that if you are a heroin user that one dose of W-18 laced heroin can be instantaneously fatal,” the posting stated.

If anyone has any additional information regarding W-18 in Sanford, they are asked to call the police at 324-9170 and speak with an officer or leave an anonymous tip.

W-18 was developed by scientists in Alberta, Canada, in 1981, but never produced by a pharmaceutical company. Discovered by a Chinese chemist, it emerged as a designer drug a few years ago, according to an April 27 Washington Post story.

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