2016-09-15 / Letters to the Editor

Denk will bring integrity to House

I am disappointed that at a time when we lack sane sensibility in our notorious Gov. LePage, we apparently are also lacking leadership in our own House district.

Rep. Steadman Seavey, who represents House District 9 (Kennebunkport and parts of Kennebunk and Biddeford), refused to respond to House Speaker Mark Eves’ call to reconvene to discuss what should be done about our erratic governor who left a vile, obscene message on Rep. Drew Gattine’s voicemail in addition to making too many racially charged remarks to count.

What makes Gov. LePage such a problem is his willful and stubborn ignorance. He appears to be unaware of and unconcerned about the problems his words cause. Without facts or creditable research, he goes on and says exactly what’s on his mind.

I expect guidance, strength, advocacy for the people of our district and of Maine from my representative. That is why I will be casting my vote on Nov. 8 for Diane Denk for state representative. Diane listens to the people of the district, cares about their problems, and will use her experience and her intelligence to act on their behalf.

David James

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