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10 years ago

From the Journal Tribune: “Three a.m. is a bit late for an 18-year-old to be out for a bike ride. But the owners of a Biddeford sandwich shop are thankful that Karl LaRochelle was out and about early Friday morning, to help catch two men allegedly leaving Pick-a-Sub on Main Street with an armload of beer and cigarettes.”

50 years ago

From the Biddeford-Saco Journal: “The giant meteor that exploded over the Midwest apparently vaporized before it struck a farm field near here. Experts hunted through a soybean field all day Sunday without finding any traces of the meteorite particles and concluded that they probably never would. Thousands of people saw the flash of the meteor Saturday night as it disintegrated in a brilliant rain of fragments on Indiana, Michigan and southern Ontario, Canada.”

100 years ago

From the Biddeford Daily Journal: “Biddeford’s tercentenary celebration was fittingly crowned Saturday when the historical pageant was presented on the lawn that surrounds the City Square Universalist church. It was a perfect night so far as nature is concerned, and the people who were massed into the streets about the church have been estimated as high as 5,000.”

— Marissa Heffernan

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