2016-09-20 / Letters to the Editor

Lauzon cares about Biddeford

I met Matt Lauzon while attending my first Biddeford City Council meeting this last spring. I was there to speak on behalf of my internship position to discuss and bring attention to Biddeford’s heroin crisis.

After I spoke publicly to the council board, not one of the council members wanted to hear my concerns/suggestions, and went out of their way to avoid me after the meeting had adjourned. Matt then introduced himself to me and wanted to communicate further about my thoughts on the topic. After attending many more council meetings, it did not take long to comprehend how severe the city’s political corruption is.

While attending UNE and living in the area for the past few years, I have yet to meet any politically active individual that genuinely cares about this city more than Matt does. He consistently attends city meetings, reaches out to the city’s citizens, engages in public events and connects with local businesses.

One of Matt’s best qualities I believe is his willingness to hear everyone’s voice; we ALL matter. He enjoys meeting new people every day wondering what their opinions are of the city and the changes they may like to see in their community.

Matt has personally helped me tremendously to get more involved in the community. He informs me of organizations to get involved in, upcoming events and leadership roles that will both benefit me with my personal career focus and the Biddeford community. We need political leaders like Matt to utilize what UNE students have to offer rather than shying us away.

I believe Matt Lauzon is the only candidate qualified for state Representative for District 12, because I have yet to meet any individual already in Biddeford’s government that puts the city’s top priorities first rather than their own personal agenda.

Brittney La Shier

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