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New York man charged with murder in Biddeford shooting death


BIDDEFORD — Maine State Police have charged a Brooklyn man with murder in a fatal shooting that occurred in Biddeford early Monday morning. 

Detectives with State Police on Friday charged Timothy L. Ortiz, 22, of Brooklyn, New York with murder in connection with the Monday shooting death of 30-year-old Biddeford resident Jonathan Methot at his home at 68 West Cutts St. 

Earlier reports stated Ortiz was 20. 

Ortiz had been held at the Cumberland County Jail in Portland for probation violations out of New York they say are unrelated to the shooting, Steve McCausland, spokesman for the MSP said in a statement Friday. 

According to McCausland, Ortiz is on probation for aggravated sex trafficking and a drug charge and was arrested in Portland Monday afternoon. 

Ortiz appeared in Cumberland County Superior Court on Friday morning, where he was formally charged with murder. 

McCausland declined to comment on the investigation in an interview Friday, saying the details of the crime will come out as Ortiz moves through the judicial process. 

“The details of the investigation including Ortiz’s apprehension on Monday will likely come out as his case now proceeds in the court system. There is no additional information we’re releasing today on that,” McCausland said. “Any new information is going to come out through the court process, which will begin on Monday.”

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