2016-10-08 / Sports

Turnaround homecoming victory for Sanford

Assistant Sports Editor

SANFORD — Sanford High School’s homecoming football game with Edward Little High School was suspenseful as Sanford trailed in the first half to return and win in the fourth quarter.

Sanford defeated Edward Little 24-20, with Sanford starting to pick up momentum at the end of the first half. “That’s when the kids started to feel like ‘we’ve got this, we can do it,’’ said Coach Mike Fallon.

The reward of winning is even more sweet for Sanford because of the large crowd gathered to celebrate homecoming, complete with the marching band and homecoming court in full dress. Red balloons dotting the field and a raffle completed the festive feeling.

Edward Little led 14-6 at the end of the first quarter. Sanford players agree that Edward Little ran a tight defense and were a very fast team. Despite being down by two scores in the first half, Sanford’s defense learned quickly and recovered. The Spartans crept up to challenge Edward Little 18-20 with a touchdown at 2:02 left in the third quarter.

Chris Clark executed a sack on the 24 yard line during the fourth down of the fourth quarter with one minute to go, ensuring Sanford’s win.

The final seal on Sanford’s homecoming victory came with 1:46 left in the fourth quarter, as Frankie Veino successfully passed to Michael Lunny for a touchdown, helping Sanford to lead 24 to 20 before taking a knee in the final seconds.

Next Friday Sanford goes to Bonnie Eagle to vie for post-season position. The team would like to gain home field advantage for the first game of the post-season.

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