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Mustangs narrowly fall to Lewiston

Assistant Sports Editor

WATERBORO — The energy was high during Massabesic’s last homecoming game, as Justin Vigue and Isaac Desvergnes ran up the score and narrowly missed defeating Lewiston, 22-27.

“Their No. 12 [Desvergnes] scares the hell out of me,” said Lewiston coach Bruce Nicholas after the game. Lewiston had advanced their lead to 19-0 with less than five minutes left in the second quarter before Desvergnes tackled Hunter Landry to regain possession for the Mustangs.

The turnaround that almost broke Lewiston began then. Desvergnes brought play down to the Lewiston 25-yard line, Vigue carried it to the 10-yard line, and Tommaso Mobiglia brought the touchdown home for the Mustangs with a minute left in the first half.

The Mustangs picked up momentum in the second half, holding the Blue Devils at bay near the Lewiston 30-yard line for most of the third quarter. Massabesic’s defense was so strong you often heard, “...tackled by a whole host of Mustangs,” echo over the speakers from the announcer.

The Desvergnes-Vigue dynamic duo reappeared with less than 30 seconds left in the third quarter, Desvergnes gaining a touchdown and a successful two-point-conversion to Vigue. The score set at 14-19, Lewiston, for the start of the fourth quarter.

As if they were re-enacting the previous quarter, Desvergnes carried it in for another touchdown and Vigue brought it home for another two point conversion. Massabesic led, 22-19.

Mustang defense remained strong. There was a brief scare, as Lewiston’s Gordon Beckwith took a breakaway to within feet of the Mustang endzone before he was tackled by Noah McGrath.

Lewiston seemed to gain their second wind with six minutes left, scoring two touchdowns and a successful two-point conversion by Tanner Cortes to top Massabesic 27- 22. Cortes passed for 180 yards this game.

Massabesic Bruce Bowen said, “It’s a great bunch of guys. They fought hard all season, though the record doesn’t show it. They play really hard and practice even harder and tomorrow they’ll get back up and go to work.”

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