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DiGregorio convicted of election fraud

Senior Staff Writer

SANFORD — Victor DiGregorio plead guilty and was convicted of  six counts of  unsworn falsification this morning, admitting he falsified contributions to boost his  eligibility for Maine Clean Election Act funds in connection with his failed bid to fill a vacancy for Maine House District 19 in November 2015. He ran an an unenrolled candidate.

York County Superior Court Justice Paul Fritzsche this morning sentenced DiGregorio to 10 days in an alternative sentencing program; the justice said he is expected to serve seven days. DiGregorio  is to report April 7, where he is to help open a summer camp in Lincoln County.

Assistant Attorney General Leanne Robbin told the judge that DiGregorio had funded “at least” 18 , $5 qualifying contributions himself. If the fraud had not been caught, she said, he could have received as much as $5,000 in Clean Election funds.

A charge of theft by deception was dismissed.

Following the hearing, DiGregorio said he should have been more focused on the law. He claims he used money from third parties as the qualifying contributions.

The conviction on the six Class D  misdemeanor  counts automatically triggers a clause in the Sanford city charter,  which states  that those  convicted of crimes that have the potential of a sentence of more than six month are no longer qualified to be a councilor. After the hearing, City Manager Steve Buck handed DiGregorio a letter asking him to turn in his keys, access card and Ipad

.DiGregorio is no longer qualified to serve a city council for his current term, which expires Dec. 31 - but he is in the running Nov. 8 for a council term that commences Jan. 1.

“I will be back with a bang, for the people,”  he told reporters after the hearing.

This story will be updated.

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