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Sanford makes it rain, 54-14

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Sanford’s Cameron Ruby prepares to line up, Friday. 
TAYLOR MORRISON/ Journal Tribune Sanford’s Cameron Ruby prepares to line up, Friday. TAYLOR MORRISON/ Journal Tribune WATERBORO — The last game of the regular season began dry, Sanford and Massabesic 0-0, and it wasn’t until six minutes into the game Sanford began showering down what would eventually roll into a storm of points. Sanford’s Keith Kerrigan began with a breakaway and trotted into the endzone without hassle to start the score 6-0.

Matt Small followed up by kicking in a successful field goal to add a point, Spartans 7-0. Massabesic’s Tommaso Mobiglia answered by slipping through Sanford’s defense for a near breakaway before being tackled by Small.

With five minutes left in the first quarter, Ethan Belanger made a touchdown for Sanford with a reception, and Small kicked in another successful field goal to double the Spartan lead, 14-0.

Still only in the first quarter, Sanford charged ahead, with Ethan Emard performing lacrosse-like rolls and spins to leave behind the Mustang defense. Kerrigan scored his second touchdown of the game and Small kicked in his third extra point with less than a minute left in the first quarter, 21-0 Sanford.

Right off the bat of the second quarter, the Spartans scored another touchdown and Small’s fourth extra point of the game to bring their lead to 28-0.

A minute later, the Mustangs response was a pass to one completely open Mobiglia, who took the ball in for a touchdown unhindered, 28-6. Within five minutes, Spartan Gage Cyr made his first touchdown of the game and Small completed his fifth extra point, 35-6.

Before halftime Kerrigan made his third touchdown, and Small brought home another extra point to start the third quarter off 42-6.

At this point, it was raining more than goals, and as the precipitation intensified, the third quarter was filled with a lot of incomplete passes and play became slippery. Nevertheless, the Spartans battled on to end the third quarter 48-6.

The field, fans, and players alike were soaked to the bone from the downpour of rain. Persevering, Massabesic junior Isaac Desvergnes managed to run in a touchdown with the two-point conversion. The Spartans, not to be outdone in grit, pulled off another touchdown to end the game 54-14.

Sanford head coach Mike Fallon said, “we’re excited because we’re going to the playoffs. These kids finish regular season 5-3 they’ve played their tails off. They’re fighters and believers. We’re real excited to know what the first round looks like. It’s probably going to be a home game, that’s exciting for us. It’s been a little while since that happened. Definitely proud of these kids, and we start a whole new season starting next week. Now it gets for real because it’s win or go home. We like the feeling we’re getting and good things are happening around our program.”

Massabesic head coach Brooks Bowen said, “It’s hard to get up for that last game and you know there are no playoff implications and you know it’s gonna be the last game before you even start, but there are a lot of guys out there on the field grateful for an opportunity to play. I wish Sanford the best. They’re off to the playoffs.”

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