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Kennebunk South region champs

TAYLOR MORRISON, Assistant Sports Editor

KENNEBUNK-- It was anyone’s game at the Class B Regional Finals, as the South’s best football teams, seed one Kennebunk challenged seed two Biddeford to ascend to the state championship next Friday in Orono.

Both teams grinded out a gridlocked first half, evenly matched 14-14, testing each other’s defenses and making slow progress across the field until Kennebunk warmed up in the second half, running the board up 42-21 to win.

Kennebunk Ram Jake Littlefield, who led the fourth quarter with a  touchdown within the first minute, said of his team’s second-half triumph, “being a second half team was basically our strength, I think. In the first half both of us struggled, coming out 14-14. Going back into the second half we made the adjustments we needed to make and it worked out.”

Looking ahead, the team will play Brunswick in the Maine state championship game. Brunswick is seed 1 in the North.

The team was still too awash in their hard-won victory at the end of the game to think next-game strategy, and are still trying to maintain level heads.

Littlefield said, “It feels amazing. Since the beginning of the season our main goal ever since we went to football camp has been Orono. We finally achieved our goal and it feels amazing. All of us are ecstatic right now.Keeping it together is going to be our biggest challenge. It’s really exciting going to a state championship and we just need to keep our poise, keep it together and do our jobs.”

In a high-charged game where a parking space couldn’t be found for miles and the announcers couldn’t be heard over the roar of the crowd, the Kennebunk team were trying hard not to be star-struck.

On strategy going forward, Kennebunk head coach Joe Rafferty said, “I don’t know yet. Moving forward is the biggest thing. One more hurdle. Offensively, I thought Tripp [Bush] had a great game. I thought we did quite well up front. I thought our linemen did a great job with control of the line of scrimmage. Defense we played quite well. We made some mistakes with pass coverage a few times but overall I was very pleased. It’s hard to assess [improvements] yet. Emotions are running pretty high.”

The Rams will battle their Northern counterparts, Brunswick, next Friday in the state championship game at the University of Maine in Orono.

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