2016-11-23 / Sports

UNE gives Bowdoin a run for it

Assistant Sports Editor

BIDDEFORD — The University of New England gave Bowdoin College a hard time Tuesday night in both womens and mens basketball, Bowdoin narrowly eking out wins.

The lady Nor’easters chased the Polar Bears down, often keeping within a 10 point margin, but were eclipsed late in the game due in part to the efforts of Bowdoin’s reserve Maddie Hasson, who generated six points. Marle Curle led Bowdoin with 14 points, closely followed by Rachel Norton and Emily Campbell bringing home 11 each.

UNE’s lead scorer was Sadie Nelson, racking up 18 points for nearly a third of the team’s total. Captain Alicia Brown put up 9 points, and Olivia Shaw 8. 

“A win at UNE is a good win, so I’m very pleased with the team effort. I think our defensive pressure really bothered them in the first half so that went really well and we shared the ball quite nicely. The third quarter was a bit ugly I thought their zone was really strong and we struggle a little bit with that but I was happy that we overcame that in the fourth. We play MIT on Sunday and they’re a very strong squad so I think we have to work a little more of the defensive end and the half court set,” said Bowdoin head coach Adrienne Shibles.


The UNE mens home opener was a competitive match that promises an auspicious basketball season. The Nor’easter men started out keeping pace well, but lapsed to a 28-12 deficit behind the Polar Bears before regaining their balance in the second half. With 10 minutes left in the game, UNE passed Bowdoin 42-40 with effort from Drew Coveney, Daron Hoges, Jr., and Gavin Dibble. Bowdoin would come back 60-52 but UNE kept the heat on, staying within two points even with 25 seconds on the clock.

Jean-Luc Parker led UNE with 17 points, but Jack Simonds would take home a game-high 19 points for Bowdoin. 

UNE mens coach Ed Silva said, “We competed, I thought our man to man was solid against them. We came down late though, they made some big shots and we didn’t make them. I feel good overall in terms of how hard we competed. We were down 16 in the first half and fought back together within eight, so it shows a lot of toughness. I feel like it’s been about that all four games with us, we’ve been super competitive but it’s about trying to get it done at the end.”

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