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Waterboro rec director on leave

Senior Staff Writer

WATERBORO — An investigation into what town administrator Gary Lamb has termed “communication issues,” involving  longtime parks and recreation director Michael DeAngelis is on hold. but could resume following the conclusion of his current leave.

Lamb on Monday confirmed that DeAngelis was initially placed on paid administration leave Nov. 7 and an investigation commenced. He said that the administrative leave was suspended  when DeAngelis requested and was granted medical leave on Nov. 18.

Lamb declined to be more specific about the initial paid administrative leave,  citing the town’s personnel policy.

Lamb said once DeAngelis’ medical leave has concluded, the investigation into the communication issue could resume.

“Logically, it would recommence,” he said.

Under that scenario, due process would dictate what follows. Lamb said once any investigation wrapped up, he would make a recommendation to selectmen. He said the five-member selectmen’s board would then meet in executive session to discuss the recommendation.

DeAngelis called the situation a confidential matter.

“Its medical stuff; all of it is,” said DeAngelis

Lamb declined further comment on the matter.

DeAngelis has been Waterboro’s Parks and Recreation Director for at least 16 years, Lamb estimated.

Lamb said Waterboro Parks and Recreation staff have been stepping up in DeAngelis’ absence and the town has hired  an hourly worker to conduct the popular basketball program.

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