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Sharp shooting propels York past Biddeford

Associate Sports Editor

BIDDEFORD — The visiting York girls basketball team powered past Biddeford 54-34 Thursday evening, thanks to a sharp-shooting offensive performance.

The Wildcats outscored the Tigers in all four quarters, as Biddeford played nearly the entire game from behind.

“I think that’s one thing — we have to get started a little bit quicker,” said Biddeford coach Katie Herbine. “Once it starts to click I think we have a few good plays in a row and on the same token when something bad happens it’s a couple bad plays in row. We’re working through it, we are a young team, and hopefully we can figure out the first and third quarters.”

Biddeford was able to keep the score close early, trailing just 24-16 at the half. However, York’s offense would surge and outscore the Tigers 30-18 in the final 16 minutes of play while sinking four three-pointers.

Leading York late was Madigan Cogger, who scored 13 points in the fourth quarter, nine coming from three-pointers.

“Well we did not do a good job ... when (Cogger) got hot we didn’t do a good job of recognizing where she was. Even after talking about it she floated and got into areas that we weren’t picking up,” said Herbine.

One bright spot for Biddeford was sophomore forward Grace Martin, who scored a game-high 23 points on the evening.

“She’s a great player, she can handle the ball she can she’s tough inside, she knows her body and plays her body well,” said Herbine. “She does a great job in defense so she’s fiery, she’s becoming more vocal, she’s doing a nice job for us.”

Herbine was also proud of her team’s effort, as the Tigers fought hard for all 32 minutes.

“I think that they’re fighters — that’s one thing I said in the locker room, I’m impressed that we didn’t give up. I think the first game of the year we gave up a little bit when we got down, tonight I didn’t see it, I saw them fighting ... I saw some spunk, some charisma,” said Herbine.

As a young team that consists of eight underclassmen, Herbine sees Thursday night’s game as a learning opportunity, and hopes her team continues to improve as the midseason grind approaches.

“We’re learning from every single game so we take those lessons and move forward. I think with a young team that’s what you have to do,” said Herbine. “The kids have done a great job with that and they are pretty resilient ... we just need to move forward to our next game.”

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