2016-12-31 / Sports

Welcome to winter wonderland, Fortis buries Maine

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By Taylor Morrison
Assistant Sports Editor

WELLS -- As winter storm Fortis departed early Friday morning, Maine was unanimously crowned the best-snowed-in of the New England states affected by the storm. Upstate, dozens of inches of the good stuff accumulated, causing snowmobilers to make tracks up north. Even on the coastline, the last cycle of storm kicked in at least three to five inches, even where the snow is thin. 

Fortified by a delightful Congdon’s Doughnuts egg biscuit sandwich and armed with only a camera, this writer trekked into the woods at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm to track down elusive winter sportsmen.

Entering the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm is a silent experience only interruped by the soft crunch of footsteps on snow. Following tracks led me to Sue Friborg of Kennebunk, who was snowshoeing.

Friborg said, “It’s not the best condition for snowshoeing but I wanted to get them out and get going at the first of the winter. It’s a little thin in places. I use ski poles to keep me steady. I don’t really need them, but it’s fun to use your arms and keep a nice rhythm going.. It’s good to get outside as much as possible.”

Snowfolks, beware, there is a lot of water just below the snow and patchy ice in places. Friborg left us with words of wisdom for any outdoor activity, “always keep your hat on, because you lose a lot of heat though your head.”

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