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Announcement: Junior Sports Writer contest opens for local students

Attention students, teachers, and parents!
By Taylor Morrison
Assistant Sports Editor

The Journal Tribune Sports department is pleased to announce that beginning Jan. 12, 2017, we will accept weekly submissions for the Journal Tribune Junior Sports Writer column contest.
Every week local students have a chance to write their own sports article and see it published right here, in the newspaper and online.
This contest will allow weekly local sports articles submitted by students in the community to be published in the newspaper and online, enabling students to see their work realized in newsstands and on the internet. The sports department believes that the next step in the Biddeford Journal Tribune’s 133 year history is to lay a foundation for our community’s next generation of young writers to build on, and that begins by helping students see their work live in the news.
We’d like to lend a hand to the next generation of aspiring writers and sports reporters. We will publish student work, provide feedback, and review student story ideas.
The contest is open to students in grades 6-12 in the York County area. The weekly winner’s article will be published in the Journal Tribune newspaper, online journaltribune.com, and shared on Twitter and Facebook.
Students are encouraged to attend and write about a local sports game, sporting event, or sports story at their school or in their community and write an accurate news article about the event between 250 and 600 words. Up to three photographs may be submitted with the article, but pictures are not required. Collaborative pieces by two or more students will be accepted with the names of all authors or photographers credited.
A new winner will be picked and have their work published every week.
Deadline for submissions is every Thursday morning at 9 a.m. by email only. Please attach stories in .doc or .docx format, or copy and paste submissions directly into the body of the email and attach photographs in .jpg format. Please do not attach any other file formats.
Please email submissions or questions to Taylor Morrison, tmorrison@journaltribune.com
We look forward to reading your work!

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