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York bests Tigers 2-1 in close match

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By Taylor Morrison
Assistant Sports Editor

BIDDEFORD —  York, third  in Class B South, topped Biddeford boys,
third in Class A South, 2-1, in an even match Thursday night at the
Biddeford Ice Arena.
York’s Tommy Carr scored both goals for his team. Carr was
surprisingly humble after the game. Carr said, “It all starts with the
team. You know, I was just lucky to be in the right spots at the right
time. First goal was all set up and passed by Dalton McCann. He wheels
through the zone, he makes a nice puck off the boards and I’m just
right there on my stick.”
Carr scored his first goal a mere 29 seconds into the first period, an
initial score which kept the Tigers on their toes for the remainder of
the game. Carr became Biddeford’s worst nightmare in the second
period, scoring again at only 1:03 with an assist from Juiius
“I think I did exactlty what I came in this game to do. This is the
kind of game you circle on your schedule at the beginning of the year.
We knew this was going to be a battle from start to finish. It was
good to get on the board early, I think it gave us the confidence that
we could skate with them. I believed in the team, I believed in
everybody in that locker room just to be the best that they can
tonight and they did that for us,” said Carr.
The even match between the third seed in both Class A and Class B
South can serve as a sample of what impressive hockey talent roams the
hallways of our local high schools.
The Biddeford boys came back in the second period with a goal from
Brady Crepeau, assisted by Ricky Ruck and Colin Lavigne, but were
unable to put another one past  York.
The well-matched game was contentious at times, neither team escaping
without penalties, however the one casualty was a broken stick.
Despite their slight lead, York never stopped trying to finish off
Biddeford, wary of the team’s likely ability to make a come back. The
Tigers made a tenacious attempt to score by pulling goalie Justin
Larnerd in the end, but to no avail.
York improves 5-1 and will host Brunswick High School Saturday.
Post-game, York’s Spencer Pickett said, “I felt pretty good, we
battled hard. We kind of came in as the underdogs, a class below them,
maybe a little outnumbered, too. We came out here and threw pucks on
the net and it went well for us. we got a good jump right off the bat.
Tommy buried it and gave us some momentum.”
Pickett’s respect for the Biddeford team’s ability is appropriate, but
from their performance last night alone, you never could have guessed
the Wildcats were the underdogs.

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