2017-02-05 / Sports

Thornton Academy thrashes Cheverus 62-53 in thriller

By Ben McCarthy, Thornton Academy
Junior Sports Writer

SACO  —  On Tuesday night the Golden Trojans hosted the Cheverus Stags, two talented teams, which resulted in Thornton victory 62-53. Thornton’s record now stands at 13-2 while Cheverus sits at 10-5. 

An early fourth quarter seven point run was enough for the Trojans to bounce back from two consecutive losses. It was quite the game between these two semi-private schools, proving this rivalry to still be very relevant. 

Cheverus standouts Jack Casale and Jesse Mathews performed well. Casale scored 17 points and Mathews was credited with 13 points, they each grabbed 5 boards. Nonetheless their efforts were not enough to seal the deal on the road in a hostile environment. Likewise Casale was on the bench for parts of the second half due to foul trouble. 

The home crowd recognized how essential this game is for Thornton as the Trojans dropped their previous two games against Portland and South Portland. Fans rose to the occasion and did their part in efforts to make Linnell gymnasium a difficult environment to play in. 

The difference maker may have been Thornton’s post play, in particular David Keohans outstanding game who scored the majority of his 31 points in the paint (9 free throws). When asked about his phenomenal performance Keohan responds by saying, “Tuesday night was a fun game. I felt as if there was nothing between me and the hoop. Coach Davies has told me all week to sprint the floor and go straight to the block and that’s what I did. I scored a very decent amount doing that and attempted every time I could to throw my body for the ball to help us secure a win. I give complete credit to everyone of my teammates for my performance, from the guys who always look for me and feed me the ball in the paint to players like Jack Webb and Will Chapman who body me in practice and push me around to get better.” A humble response for a kid who accounted for half of TA’s points. 

Boudreau, who attended Cheverus last year was the leading rebounder with 11 boards in addition to 13 points. John Fogg racked in 5 assist himself and contributed with a pair of points. Evan Christensen seemed to be playing point guard, handling the ball more than he has the whole season.  Due to Tuesday nights game I anticipate that he will take over more duties at the 1, it will be interesting to see if he does.

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