2017-02-07 / State/Regional

LePage to address elderly issues during traditional discussion


AUGUSTA (AP) — Maine's Republican governor is set to discuss the elderly in a formal address after a one-year hiatus from the longstanding tradition.

LePage says he'll bring in elderly residents who have been thrown out of their homes along with individuals with mental illnesses.

The governor says his final two-year budget proposal protects the elderly from economic harm caused by initiatives he believes voters didn't understand.

Last year, LePage decided against a traditional address and instead sent the Legislature a letter that attacked "socialists" and said lawmakers were more beholden to egoism and lobbyists than the Maine people.

But in a shift, LePage has invited Republicans and Democrats over to the Blaine House residence after Tuesday's address. On Monday, he said he'd have his administration officials answer lawmakers' questions if "civility returns."

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