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Mustangs, Spartans and Trojans swim in top 10

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BRUNSWICK -- In two days of chlorine, earplugs and cowbells at Bowdoin College, the Class A boys and girls swimming state championships have come to pass. On Monday, the Thornton Academy boys earned fourth place in team rankings, and on Tuesday, girls from Massabesic, Sanford, and Thornton Academy’s teams placed in the top 10 in their events.


The Thornton Academy boys earned fourth in overall team rankings, earning 222 points. The Cheverus boys won first place, at 286.5 points. Bangor placed second, and Brunswick third. The Sanford’s swimmers ran in seventeenth and the Massabesic team took nineteenth place out of twenty-three teams.

Thornton’s Daniel Roch, Joe Vail, Joshua Roberts and Eli Steward won the boys 400 yard freestyle relay. Steward also won first place the 100 yard butterfly event, in 53.65 seconds. Steward placed second in the 500 yard freestyle relay, 0:00.03 ahead of third place Sam Carlson of Bangor and roughly 18 seconds behind first-place winner Connor Perron of Falmouth. Roch placed second in the 100 yard freestyle, trailing Cheverus’ Shane Moore by less than two seconds.


In the overall team rankings, Cony won first place with 311 points, Brunswick earned second place with 246 pts., Cheverus girls took third place, scoring 215 pts., not far off from the first-place Cheverus boys. Massabesic placed ninth with 110 points. The Sanford team followed in thirteenth place (66 points), and Thornton Academy weighed in at seventeenth place (37 points) out of 27 total teams.

Earning the highest place of an individual York county girl, Massabesic’s Amanda Dudley won fourth place in the 100 yard butterfly in 1:02.40. In the girls 200 yard IM, Dudley tore it up again for fifth place in 2:20.61. Thornton Academy’s Grace Soucy placed tenth in 2:33.26 and Mary Steward took twentieth place in 2:37.39. First place winner was Cony’s Cecilia Gualupi, setting the pace at 2:11.87.

In the 200 yard freestyle, Sanford’s Delaney Tanguay earned seventh place in a sharp 2:06.35. Massabesic’s Savannah Burke ranked tenth in the same event in a close 2:07.68. Caitlin Tyez won that event in 1:50.35, seven seconds ahead of her next competitor. In the challenging 500 yard freestyle event, Burke earned fifth place in 5:40.56.

Sanford, Massabesic and Thornton Academy all earned a good turn in the 200 yard freestyle relay. Sanford’s team placed fifth, crewed by Lily Denham, Tiffany Twombly, Pearl Frohloff, and Tanguay. Massabesic girl finished less than a second behind Sanford (Sanford’s 1:48.22 vs. Massabesic’s 1:48.49). The Massabesic line included Morgan Houk, Sophia LaFrance, Paige Houk, and Burke. Thornton placed eleventh in 1:54:00 with Mary Steward, Nicole Cyr, Mollie Eaton and Grace Soucy.

The Massabesic line measured up well in the 400 yard freestyle relay, ranking ninth, ahead of Sanford’s tenth place. Thornton Academy earned thirteenth place in the longer distance relay.

Thornton swim coach Kathleen Leahy said of her feelings about the championships, “Fantastic. They swam well, lots of time drops all over the place, personal bests, school records, the whole kit and caboodle.. The list goes on.”

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