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Long journey ahead for aging population


Aging is not “lost youth” but a new stage of opportunity and strength. Betty Friedan

What is happening in our county? This is an exceedingly exciting time. Our ability to live longer, healthier, more productive lives is one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments. What does it mean to grow older? We fight to help us all age better and to realize the extremely complicated social issues of a graying America.

There is a journey ahead for all. People want to choose how they want to live and age. They benefit immensely from experiences and wisdom aging has brought them. But in order to enjoy this longevity, it is essential to understand and prepare for the road ahead.

There are many important issues and topics elders need to address. Owning our age opens up possibilities for leading more purposeful and fulfilling lives as we get older. Society has new opportunities to take advantage of people fifty and older who have wisdom, talent, and experience to make the world a better place by solving the nation’s problems. People should be valued because of who they are not how old they are.

Many older people feel cast aside, being held back because of the cultural view of aging as deterioration, dependency, reduced potential and digital incompetence. We need to change the way we look at getting older. Because we are all aging we need to make the most of the longevity revolution to look for opportunities to live the best life there is.

Multiple studies and researches across the globe have found that longevity is intertwined with community, lifestyle and spirituality. Feeling a sense of purpose, being valued and having a reason to get up in the morning are important for living healthy and staying engaged. We just need to look around our community to find elders enjoying remarkably full lives.

For example, the York County Retired Educators Association Travel Committee has planned three fun adventures for you and your family and friends for 2017. The first trip, this spring, will be to travel to Portland by coach to eat at DiMillo’s Floating Restaurant and then travel to the Portland Players to see award winning Rock of Ages.

Their second adventure, this summer, is a wonderful cruise of Lake Winnipesaukee and then lunch at the Hart’s Turkey Farm. In the fall they will be visiting the McAulliff-Shepard Discovery Center.

Members of travel committee are:

Joan Warren 207-499-2304 joanw0811@gmail.com

Marie Maguire 207-710-4168 maguire 1950@gmail.com

Sheila Painchaud 207-282-1795

For more information, please contact a member of the committee.

For first trip coach leaves: Meadowbrook Plaza in York at 11 a.m. Wells transportation Center at 11:20 a.m. Wal-Mart Parking Lot Biddeford at 11:40 a.m.

The cost of the trip is $50 per person, which includes transportation, your ticket to Rock of Ages, and driver’s tip. Lunch is on your own and off the menu.

Get your check in before the 2017 April 14, deadline. Mail check to: Sheila Painchaud, 69 Fox Hill Lane, Saco, Maine 04072.

Nature lovers

A very interesting news release from the Ferry Beach Park Association invites you to enjoy the richness of nature and the vast sprawl of the hypnotic beauty of the area. Love is the theme for the 2017 summer events. The association is honored and humbled to share week long conferences as well as two to three day events offered June 11 through Labor Day.

At a time when they want to enhance and support their connection to one another and our planet the content of their summer conference will explore the many facets of what love means.

The season begins with Work and Play Week when a hardy troupe of dedicated members help usher in the new season by revitalizing the campus with satisfying projects.  

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