2017-04-20 / Letters to the Editor

Grateful for Sunrise Huntington Commons

Our mother, Doris Schumacher, 97, went to spirit in home hospice with loved ones present at the Sunrise Huntington Commons facility in Kennebunk on April 17, 2017.

This is a letter of immense gratitude from her family for the years of outstanding, caring service provided by the highly competent and devoted staff at the residence. Doris arrived seven years ago at 90 with cane in hand into senior living without assistance. Her progression took her to walkers, motorized chair (she lost her driver’s license for too many infractions), and wheelchair. Her care level escalated from independent to assisted living to assisted living plus and plus/plus. Every change was handled with professional skill and deep feeling by a staff with relatively little turnover. They were Maine-iacs in the best way of Maine. Maine has soul.

We were an involved family because our mom was loved and had two siblings in southern Maine and two distant siblings who visited often. Yet, the caregivers very much became her family as well. Care for the elderly regardless of their capabilities is a profession of patience and understanding. It is truly spiritual and should only be given to those who want to do it. Huntington has so many who get it. In their care for our mother, rarely did one feel it was just their job; it was commitment.

Huntington is cozy, clean, and conveys dignity. We cannot endorse the brand everywhere, but we can in Kennebunk. We are sure there may be a bad experience among the people who move on there. Emotions run high in families facing end-of-life. It may be true they should look at themselves for any resentments. Our experience is a sense of humbleness, gratitude and awe at the full life conferred to our mom.

So, we celebrate our mother’s life and celebrate the wonderful staff and caregivers at Huntington who took her to the path of a peaceful passing. Thank you.

The Schumachers

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