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Tigers drop season opener to Windham

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BIDDEFORD — The Biddeford girls tennis team dropped its season opener to visiting Windham 5-0 on Monday afternoon in Biddeford.

It was a tough draw for the Tigers, who finished 2-10 last season while the Eagles enjoyed an 8-4 season with a playoff appearance.

It has also been a slow spring due to the unpredictable and inclement weather throughout the early going, however, Biddeford coach Teri Schang was happy to see her club finally kick off the 2017 year.

“It’s awesome that we got out here on our first match day and made it work because it’s been a tough start,” said Schang. “I’m really impressed — obviously we didn’t come out with a win but when you look at the scores and the way the girls played I feel very good about it and the way they played considering the lack of practice time.”

Windham’s Gabby Smith topped Nicole Bradeen 6-3, 6-4 in their singles match, followed by a 6-3, 6-1 win from Windham’s Anna Cancelarich over Biddeford’s Gabby Smith. Blanca Sturm rounded out the Eagles’ impressive singles performance with a 6-2, 6-0 victory over Sydney Walton.

The Eagles would then sweep the doubles matches, with Shelby Sampson and Camilla Moltoini topping Biddeford’s Megan Gregoire and Julia Pearl 6-2, 7-5. Kiana Clark and Anastasia Popov would earn another win for the Eagles, topping Tirza Cressey and Mekayla Thomas 6-2, 6-2.

Despite the loss, Schang was proud of her team’s effort, especially against a seasoned group like Windham, who is projected to be one of the top teams in the southern conference this season.

“They gave it their all — they never gave up, they were positive and I loved their attitude, it was wonderful. They were awesome even before the match,” said Schang.

The Tigers fall to 0-1 to begin the season while the Eagles improve to 1-0. Schang and company hope to continue to learn throughout the season, but more than anything, make progress as a program and take another step forward.

“I’d love to see this group of girls make it to the playoffs. They’ve progressively continued to work and challenge themselves,” said Schang. “They played this sport as much as they could even in the offseason so I would really like to see that work pay off for them and take a few extra matches and make the playoffs.”

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