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New coffee business 'takes off' in Biddeford

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BIDDEFORD — As a popular Gorham coffee shop closes its doors, its owner is planning a coffee production space in Biddeford.

Carson Lynch, owner of The Gorham Grind on South Street in Gorham, will close the local hotspot for the final time on Friday, after 13 years at the shop.

The reason, he said, is to focus his efforts on expanding the reach of his popular Rocket Fuel coffee milk, a “high-test” coffee beverage he developed for sale at the store. For Lynch, a former deli at 169 Pool St. in Biddeford proved to be the perfect location for his new venture, P.S. Coffee — which is named for its location.

“The space itself is perfect,” he said about the shop, just outside downtown Biddeford and down the road from the University of New England. “It was sort of a domino effect of positives. We found the perfect building in a town we’d been really interested in.”

The larger space will allow Lynch to produce more Rocket Fuel at a more rapid pace. He said since the product began taking off about four years ago, production capability wasn’t able to keep pace.

“We’ve been kind of plateaued with our current production abilities for the last four years,” Lynch said.

He announced closure of The Gorham Grind on the store’s Facebook page on April 10.

“It is with a deep love and an enduring respect that I announce today that our time together in Gorham Village is nearly up,” Lynch wrote. “Moving on is never easy, but always eventually necessary.”

Lynch also said the expanded Pool Street location will let him use his coffee catering truck, Flo, to the best of her abilities.

“We have secured a brand new space of our own in a lovely residential neighborhood of Biddeford to serve as the home base for our beloved Flo the Coffee Truck, and to properly take Rocket Fuel High-Test Coffee Milk to the next level and beyond,” he wrote.

Those who frequent the business had a few things to say in reaction to the post — mostly wishing Lynch luck, though also wishing he’d stay.

“Congratulations on pursuing your dreams, but am so sorry to see you leave,” wrote Lee Workman.

“Noooooooo,” said Kimberly Ballard. “I'm happy for you, but very very sad for us.”

Lynch said Wednesday he’s trying to sell the business as-is, although he’s yet to find any potential buyers. Lynch added that the new site will focus on developing Rocket Fuel, and that there aren’t any retail plans just yet.

“We’re not opening in retail for the foreseeable future,” he said. “We have a focus on creating this product and expanding for a concerted effort locally.”

He's also not sure when the move to Biddeford will take place, he said, but hopes it will be soon.

It’s bittersweet to leave the shop he’s called home for more than a decade, Lynch said.

“Especially as we get closer (to closing), it’s rather emotional,” he said. “The outpouring has been really quite profound.”

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