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Krispy Kreme targets late July opening

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SACO — Plans are moving forward for the first Krispy Kreme doughnut shop in the state, to be located at 520 Main St.

New Hampshire businessman Cort Mendez said work has begun to convert the former Burger King on restaurant U.S. Route 1 to a Krispy Kreme, with a target date for opening of July 25.
“It will look vastly different from what the building looks today,” said Mendez.

Mendez said the Saco doughnut shop will not look like a traditional Krispy Kreme shop, but will have a more inviting, café style format that has been successful abroad. Like many other Krispy Kreme shops, there will be a viewing window, giving customers the opportunity to see the doughnuts being made.

Mendez is hoping to open five more Krispy Kreme shops in the state, with a potential store opening in Auburn in September. He also hopes to open stores in New Hampshire.

Mendes is the former owner of multiple Five Guys restaurants in New Hampshire.

“The cornerstone for me on any kind of brand, whether it’s in hospitality or not, is whether it brings a smile to people’s faces. I believe that Five Guys does an exceptional job with that, and I think that Krispy Kreme does that times 10,” said Mendez.

Mendez is enthusiastic about opening a doughnut shop in Saco. He said he likes the location, thinks there’s a good market for the product in the area and the city of Saco has been great to work with.

“Cort and his team have been very easy to work with, and very thorough and thoughtful,” said Saco Economic Development Director William Mann. Mann said not only will the doughnut shop bring a major upgrade to the property, but also an innovative approach to maintaining its workforce. He said the Krispy Kreme will bring jobs to the area that pay above minimum wage and benefits that include tuition reimbursement. He said Mendez and his team with Krispy Kreme are community partners who plan to make connections with York County Community College and are eager to help with local community fundraising efforts.

"It's an iconic brand. It's been around since 1937," said Mendez. He said he's "excited to start the adventure" and is hoping to provide an experience that will make customers want to come back again and again.

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