2017-05-26 / State/Regional

Collins presents alternative health care bill


LEWISTON (AP) — Maine Sen. Susan Collins sees hope for her health care proposal after the Congressional Budget Office reports 23 million people would lose coverage under the House health care plan.

The Sun Journal reports (http://bit.ly/2qjKcu7) Collins and Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy, both Republicans, have been working on a bill that would allow states to keep former President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act exchanges.

The bill would also give more options for states seeking an alternative.

Collins says the bill would "allow more Americans to obtain health insurance, preserve significant consumer protections, and help moderate the cost of health care."

The senator says the House health care plan would "disproportionately affect older, low-income Americans."

Democratic Rep. Chellie Pingree urged GOP lawmakers to "denounce TrumpCare."

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