2017-06-07 / Letters to the Editor

Climate change a natural phenonmon

I really don’t understand all the angst about the cause of our current ongoing climate change. It is a complex process to be sure, but in the broadest terms it is easily explained and easily understood. There is no doubt that every past dramatic change in the earth’s climate has had a natural cause, and science is now very good at discovering what these were. According to science, the forces of change have all come either from outside the Earth to affect us, or they have come from here, the eEarth itself. This is the way it has been and this is the way it will always be; sometimes an outside force, sometimes an inside one. But in the end, it’s all natural.

In all its simple complexity it has been, and is, a natural event. No magic, no mysterious unknown force, just nature doing its thing.

The most fascinating thing about the current climate change we are living through is that for this one mankind has reached the advanced scientific level necessary to be able to observe the global change as it is happening around us, and to identify its cause at the time it is happening, not millennia afterwards. And low and behold they have determined that it is an entirely natural event. Nothing new here. It is simply being largely caused by the activities of the fully natural human population of the planet, a species that has become, through its evolutionary process, very expert at changing and adapting its natural environment to suit its current specific needs.

The only question left is will this fully natural species be able to adapt itself to the requirements of planning for the global future, or will they muddle themselves away, thinking only of their current needs and wants? Time will tell, but the question is what will it tell?

Frank Vasalle


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