2017-06-09 / Community

Sanford Backpack Program benefits from social media campaign


SANFORD— Garnsey Brothers Insurance Agency  has been awarded $2,000  to donate to Strategies for a Stronger Sanford and the nonprofit’s Backpack Program Initiative, as a participant in the Safeco Insurance Change Agents campaign. 

The program rewards independent agents whose volunteer efforts make a difference in their communities and recognizes that small, everyday steps can have a big local impact, proponents of the program say.

 Keith Lapointe of Garnsey Brothers Insurance Agency was one of two agents nationwide who garnered the most attention on social media for their charitable efforts related to ending hunger in order to receive the $2,000 donation from Safeco Insurance.

 His ability to garner that attention recognize that significant change doesn’t always require huge projects or massive time commitments, said Nate 

Nate Maclure, Safeco Insurance Northeast Region Territory Manager.

“Independent agents give back in all kinds of ways: As insurance professionals, they serve as trusted advisors to help people protect what matters most. As agency owners, many provide jobs and other benefits to the community,” said  Maclure. “Safeco Change Agents recognizes the individual’s passion project to support causes and organizations that are meaningful to them.”

Garnsey Brothers has long been a supporter of the Sanford Backpack Program, which sends 200 backpacks filled with non-perishable, easy meals and sent home with students for the weekend.


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