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Shaw rings in final school year

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SACO — As the school year ends, David Shaw, longtime teacher and friend to many, celebrates his last year with Saco Middle School after dedicating his time to sixth-grade students.

Shaw has been teaching for 24 years, beginning his journey in Augusta and spending his last 21 years with sixth-grade team, Seahawks, at SMS. A science teacher, Shaw devoted his time to teaching a subject that he loves, sharing his passion with students.  

Shaw also advised the Ecology Club, which started SMS’s first greenhouse.

“The Ecology Club kind of started itself. In 1996, there was spill in Portland Harbor and some middle school girls wanted to help but couldn’t because they didn’t have training,” said Shaw. “They decided to meet to do some good things for the environment but they needed an advisor. I had been there for two months when they asked me.”

The Ecology Club focuses on the greenhouse, but participants also partake in other activities such as creating nature trails. Shaw started raising funds in 2008 for the greenhouse and it was built and operating in 2012.

He said that the Ecology Club is something that he will miss after retirement. 

“They’re a great bunch of kids, a small group who are very focused and enthusiastic.”

 Looking back at his time at SMS, Shaw said he is grateful for the past 21 years and has a lot to miss.

“The kids, they’re a big part of it," he said. Also, the greenhouse and Ecology Club, but most of all my team. We’ve been together 17 years.”David Shaw displays collection of ties for purchase. LINDSEY HALL/ Journal TribuneDavid Shaw displays collection of ties for purchase. LINDSEY HALL/ Journal Tribune

As a parting gift to the school, Shaw brought in his ties from his teaching career to raise money for the greenhouse, selling each for $2 dollars.

Money raised will be combined with past flower sales to fund the greenhouse.

Seahawks team members say Shaw was more than a teacher, but also a friend who will be dearly missed.

Robin Stinson, team member and Seahawks ELA teacher said it was a privledge to work with Shaw.

“Mr. Shaw is the most loving and kind hearted person. I will miss him more than words can say," says Stinson. "He is more than a coworker he is one of my best friends. Saco Middle School will never be the same without his amazing spirt."

Michael Edgar, team member and Seahawks social studies teacher says Shaw’s personality is one of his best qualities.

“He is always in a good mood and ready to have fun. The kids love him and his punny jokes,” Edgar says. “He has made such a difference in so many kids lives. He is generous beyond compare and always willing to help anyone who needs it. His selfless acts are one of the things that I respect most about him.”

Edgar says the greenhouse and Ecology Club will be an incredible legacy Shaw leaves behind, along with his teaching.

“The ecology crew thinks of David as the most wonderful guy they have ever met and they are right. SMS has been lucky to have him,” he said. “Myself and all the children have been better people because of him.”

Celeste Libby, fellow sixth-grade teacher and friend, says Shaw is welcoming and positive, leaving an impact on herself and the school.

“I remember when I was a new teacher at SMS. He was so helpful to me as I learned a new job,” Libby says. “He is one of the most genuine and caring teachers I have ever worked with. He will be greatly missed!”

After retirement Shaw says he will be spending the summer at his camp fishing and enjoying the view. While there are no set plans for the future, he hopes to travel with his wife who is also retiring this year.

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