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Catch of the day

Crews pull SUV out of water in Kennebunkport
Staff Writer

KENNEBUNKPORT — Members of the Kennebunkport Fire Department made an unusual catch at the Cape Porpoise Fishing Pier on Monday evening.

Fire crews were called to pull a partially submerged SUV out of the water off the Cape Porpoise Fishing Pier late Monday, after they say the vehicle rolled into the water at about 9:30 p.m.

Authorities say it took a local towing service three hours to retrieve the unoccupied vehicle out of the water, which was believed to have been parked at the pier, The Associated Press reports.

The fire department posted news of the retrieval on its Facebook page Monday, using the hashtag #parkitparkitrealgood in reference to the incident.

“While some may like dipping their steamers or lobsters in salt water, we've never met someone who enjoyed dipping their SUV in salt water. Including tonight,” the post reads. “Thankfully all were well, even if upset.”

KFD officials did not respond to requests for comment Wednesday.

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