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Arundel Planning Board to conduct public hearing Thursday

Executive Editor

ARUNDEL — Planning Board members in Arundel will conduct a public hearing and review pending applications when they meet at the Mildred L. Day School later this week.

The agenda includes a public hearing regarding approval for a conditional use application for Branch Brook Fuel to install a bulk oil storage facility in an existing fuel storage depot at 14 Old Sawmill Lane in Arundel. Work will consist of adding three 20,000-gallon No. 2 fuel tanks and one 10,000-gallon kerosene storage tank at the site. 

Residents are welcome attend the public hearing and express their opinions about the project.   

Along with the Branch Brook Fuel application and public hearing, planning board members also will review three other existing applications during the meeting.

Those applications include:

• A conditional use pre-application for the Pave Tec Corp. Contractor Yard which would establish a contractor yard for an existing paving contractor business on an interior five-acre parcel served by the private way Stilphen Lane with access off Sinnott Road.

• A conditional use application for the Motorland Showroom & Service Center at 2564 Portland Road in Arundel. The proposal would modify an approved conditional use permit to include field changes for increased wetlands filling, propane tank relocation, an increased parking area, modifications to approved detention basin, and relocation of utilities.

• A discussion of landscape issues for Brookside Estates in Arundel. A proposal has been made to alter an approved buffering plan on Lot 1 at the site and adopt a similar landscape plan used on Lot 10 in the approved Brookside Subdivision at 182 Log Cabin Road.

The planning board also has received a new site plan pre-application to build a 17,000-square-foot boat storage building for KPT Marine with a parking lot on a 7.6 acre parcel on Portrland Road in Arundel.

The meeting starts at 7 p.m. Thursday in the school library at 600 Limerick Road in Arundel.

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