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Loss of wisdom (teeth)


Loss of Wisdom?

Wisdom teeth.

Four small molars that cause an abundance of pain when removed. 

How did these chompers receive such an odd name and not fit to their description of title?

The reasoning behind this is supposedly because they “appear late” in adolescents. As you grow older, you are believed to also become wiser and more mature.

At least that is what many folks say.

You may be asking why I am expressing my views on these special teeth. 

The reasoning for this is simple.

Last weekend, I had the uttermost delight of getting all four of mine removed. My use of sarcasm evident can show that it was not one of my most favorite experiences, to say the least. 

During my many hours of lounging on the couch while drowning in the taste of Häagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream, I couldn't help but think about the meaning as to why these teeth were given their name? 

Of course, I was also still on the anesthesia and medication my oral surgeons provided, so I was a bit unlike myself at the time. Thankfully, I did not say or do anything too embarrassing from the medication clouding my better judgement. 

My experience was like most others getting their third molars removed. 

It was very painful for the first three days, and I had released my inner chipmunk due to the enormous size of my swollen cheeks. The worst part was that I simply couldn't move my mouth to eat or talk, considering there was a large amount of stiffness in my jaw present.

I also had a hard time coping with the fact that I couldn't do anything but rest for five days, considering I am frequently busy with activities. Having a movie day is nice once in awhile, but after numerous days of constant laziness, you can't help but grow crazy from boredom.

The one benefit of getting wisdom teeth out is that you can eat those delicious, yet dangerous soft foods that you try to avoid. You don't feel awful considering it is all you can eat. 

Mashed potatoes. Ice cream. Not to mention I had experienced the forgotten taste of SpaghettiOs. However, after two days of eating those soft foods, I was excited to go back to my healthier eating habits. 

Eating those foods again was like having Thanksgiving leftovers for a week. It was satisfactory for the time being, but allows you to yearn for more nutritious items after eating the same things constantly. 

Overall, I am happy that I had the teeth taken out now, since it becomes more difficult to take days off as my schedule continues to grow. 

I personally wish it didn't hurt as much as it did for myself and others, but what can you do? It's surgery, meaning it will most likely be sore for a bit. 

Hopefully, my thoughts will take you back to the time you had the pesky chompers taken out. If you haven't had them removed, I guess you have a bit more wisdom than the rest. To those getting them out, I wish you luck. Remember, ice packs are your best friend. 

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