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Creepy clowns and inflatable dinosaurs

Youth Columnist

Halloween; the one day in a year where you can dress up as whatever you'd like and not be judged.

Let's not forget about the candy too.

This annual spooky holiday originated back to hundreds of years ago to celebrate the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. According to the History.com, people would dress up in costumes and light bonfires to ward off any evil spirits. 

Nowadays, Halloween is a time of partying, going trick or treating for candy, and dressing up in costumes of all sorts! 

A blue crayon. A sexy kitten. Dynamics duos like Bonnie and Clyde. You name it! 

Halloween is presumed by many as a holiday for the children. However, I notice that many adults and teenagers enjoy taking part in the holiday’s festivities as well. 

I too couldn't help but feel a bit of excitement as the holiday approached this year. In fact, to get into the spooky spirit, I wore an inflatable T-Rex dinosaur costume which  had been on my mind weeks prior to Halloween. Call it childish, but the costume is an absolute riot. 

So what is it about Halloween that gets everyone pumped up?

Is it the thrill of dressing up in a costume? Is it seeing other people's ideas and originality in their costumes? Is it the classic, yet beloved Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus or Halloween?

Most importantly, is it the candy? Twix. Starburst. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Snickers. 
How can you not go into a sweet tooth frenzy with this holiday?

Ironic enough, I have never been a huge Halloween person, nor have I ever been a big candy eater. However, as you grow older and out of the trick or treating phase, you realize how much you miss those childish Halloween nights. 

You also begin to crave for candy more often around the holiday, which is sweet torture, may I add. That once fast metabolism you had became slowed to the point where you want to limit eating that junk, opposed to when you were a small child. 

Besides the point, sometimes it is nice to participate in these childish holidays to release your own inner days of youth. 

Whether it be dressing up with your kiddos and taking them trick or treating. 

Perhaps, dressing up in a costume at work is your way of participation.

You deserve to feel childish for once.

One thing about Halloween that intrigues me is the different activities that all age groups participate in. 

For instance, it is common for teenagers and college students to dress up in sexy costumes and attend parties. What they do at those parties are questions actions, for this era is filled with alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

That is just one thing that this young audience does on Halloween. Another common  activity is mischief. 

Throwing eggs at houses. Spray painting brick walls. Scaring little children in creepy clown costumes. Unfortunately, some teenagers like to do this on Halloween. 

Then, there are the adults. I notice that the adult crowd also tend to dress up and attend parties as well. However, the difference between the adults and the teenagers attending parties is that they are typically of legal drinking age.

Not to mention, the sexy costumes that some adults wear are considered more appropriate to other adults because of their greater level of maturity.

Most teenagers and young college students are not fully matured just yet, so these scandalous costumes can be taken more seriously by adults.

Despite the craze of parties and inappropriate dress up for the older crowd on this holiday, I find that this is a common holiday that Americans like to participate in. 

Whether you dress up, go trick or treating, or attend a party, Halloween is a spooky blast for all!

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