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Local Senior Living community hosts storytelling event

Staff Writer

KENNEBUNK — The Kennebunk Atria community welcomes locals, story lovers, and family members of residents to attend the Be Together presentation at 2 p.m. Monday, Jan. 15.

Better Together is the first of many events put on by the Atria to bring the community together and make it wiser. 

The afternoon will be filled of stories and memories told by those in attendance, residence and some VIP guests. 

The VIP guests will include Jeffery Rowe the Kennebunk Fire Department Chief; Pat Schwebler the Executive Director of the Kennebunk Senior Center, and Shelley Wigglesworth a local journalists. 

This even doubles as the start of a fundraiser for all of the libraries across the country. 

For every story shared on the Atria's Story Wise app, The Atria will donate $1 to the American Library Association; from Jan. 11 through Jan. 31. 

Atria event organizers ask that attendees come prepared to share stories of their own or just listen. Stories can last up to five minutes, and some will be shared with a broader audience via social media.

The stories should address one of a handful of topics: a favorite family tradition, a brilliant piece of advice, a way the storyteller is exactly like their parents, a childhood partner in crime or ways the storyteller spent time with their grandparents.

For more information about the event, contact Kourtney Soucy at 985- 5866 or kourtney.soucy@atriaseniorliving.com

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